The Magnolia Medium

Medium and Tarot Card Reader 

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My name is Sonia Brakowski, also known as the "Magnolia Medium".  If you've ever wondered what a medium is or does, this website will help you to better understand.

As a psychic medium I read tarot cards and many times during a reading I will receive communications from loved ones who have crossed over.  I offer private one on one readings, as well as group readings for clients.  Also, I now offer readings via SKYPE, as long as you have a computer, or a tablet. Distance is not a problem. Readings are done in a totally private environment and recorded, if the client requests it.

The "About Me" page on this website has more information on my background. I am an author of the books "Annette Opens the Door", and "A View from the Rainbow". I have appeared as a guest  on radio station WDEL Saturday morning Hot Spot, and also on the Tarot Talks show.

If you have ever wondered what happens when we die, allow me to help put your mind at rest regarding family and friends who have crossed over to the other side.

Contact the "Magnolia Medium" today at 732-567-3510 (cell phone) or 302-724-9258 (home phone) for an appointment and fees. My e-mail address is,

I have gift certificates  available, wonderful idea for the person that is hard to buy for.  Great for birthdays, anniversaries, or just a good to know you gift, who wouldn't love it!!!




The Angels Await!

Private readings last approximately one hour and are by appointment only.

Also offer group sessions .

Now accepting credit cards, Visa, Mastercard.



I feel you walk beside me.....I know I'll see you again

The song you are listening to is, "I'll See You Again" by Westlife, it is this powerful message that I try to convey in my readings.

Turn up your sound.

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