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Book Testimonials

I just want to thank you for writing this book. I'm sure it will help many as it has helped me. What a labor of love! This book just sort of found me when I was lost and looking for answers about a departed loved one. Although I cannot relate to the horror of losing a child I could relate to your sense of loss and all the stages of grief you encountered along with the aching need to know that your beloved child was ok. As I sat here on the eve of my mother's tenth year death anniversary I felt so, down, and depressed and after reading your book I was able to recognize and feel that she indeed has been around but I have been too blocked to feel it. Your book was like a great weight lifted off my shoulders and I thank you! Sincerely, Desarey

Sonia is my sister-in-law and so I agreed to download the book and read it. I was skeptical of the subject matter despite having read “Heaven is for Real” about a little boy’s journey to heaven and back. Never-the-less I decided to skim it anyway and let her know that I indeed read her book. About 25% into the book I found myself reading more slowly to fully absorb Sonia and Ed’s experience. Then I wondered what I missed earlier in the book so I had to go back and start all over. This book reinforced what I read earlier and I am now widening my view of life after death. It is an excellent read and highly recommended.  Bill J.

Beautifully written, and very brave of you. Heartfelt thanks from another parent who knows the pains, joys, hope and sorrow but most of all, the real belief we will be together always.  Fernando E.

This beautiful book is written in such a down-to-earth way, I felt as if I were sitting across the table from Sonia as she spoke. I have always believed that 'death' isn't the end of our existence, but now, because of Sonia and Annette, I know on a much deeper level. This book will give hope and security of our continued life to those who doubt and those who need comfort after the death of a loved one. I thank them for sharing this beautiful, personal, courageous story. Barbara G

The death of a loved one represents a terrible loss, and most of us are not blessed with (or have lost) the ability to see beyond the veil into the next life.  It is often a struggle not only to believe that our loved ones are safe and happy, but also to know that they are still with us in a real way.  Sonia's daughter Annette, shares her reassuring and comforting message with her family, and, now, through this book, it is shared with the lucky readers whose path brings them to it.  This is a true account written by a loving and devoted mother who found the courage to open herself to the possibility of communication with her late daughter - - and who muster the strength to relive and reexamine her experiences in order to craft this uplifting and amazing story.  Sonia Brakowski's book is aptly titled; Annette opens the door to a view of an existence that extends beyond physical boundaries, while Sonia's account opens a door in the reader's mind to the possibilities of continuing connections with our loved ones.  No matter what beliefs one holds, this is an inspiring story readers will want to experience.  Meryl Rockefeller.

I read your book and found it to be very relaxing.  It is nice to know that there is something after death and that our loved ones will be waiting for us.  It is amazing to me that no matter what age; from premature birth to death, everyone in your family is on the other side and that we will see them again.  Thanks to you and your daughter for confirming for me that I will see them again one day.  Beth Iorizzo

I feel you walk beside me.....I know I'll see you again