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Today,January 11, 2014, I came to see you and also purchase your book.  I have to say from the moment I walked in, I was very comfortable with you! My reading today was incredible and made me feel so much better dealing with my multiple losses this year.  The messages you gave me have enabled me to find a small amount of peace within myself where there were just questions and despair. Thank you so much!  Before I left around 11:30am I bought your book.  It is now 4:53pm on the same day, and I just read the last page.  I couldn't put it down.  Your words have helped me in a way I cannot even express!! Annette has helped me.  You have helped me. Thank you!  One of the first things I notice is on the page that refers to Annette's confirmation name.  Her confirmation name is Martha.  Sonia, my aunt that reached out to you is Martha.  I literally stopped on that page at that moment and realized....that is why she picked you.  Thank you again and please let me know when you finish your second book.  I cannot wait to read it.  Blessings to you!  Amy LaBerge.

Thank you Sonia for a memorable experience.  Never having had a reading before, I didn't know what to expect. You put me at ease and guided ,me through the process. I heard from my parents along with a couple of other surprise visitors-it was wonderful to hear from all of them. I know I am coming back soon! Thanks again!  Judy U.

My reading blew my mind.....thank you so much for connecting me with my loved ones.  Your gift is amazing, and I am truly grateful for my reading. I feel so different now.  Zoe was the one person I needed to hear from, and I got soooo much more from our communication.  You have a beautiful and amazing gift. I am so grateful that we reconnected, and that our journeys in this life have crisscrossed and overlapped as they have... you are a blessing Sonia. "Thank you" is not big enough to express my gratitude! Tara Surdi Nicholls

In the short time that I've lived here, I heard from numerous people what a wonderful experience they had when they visited Sonia and had their cards read. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first, but I made an appointment.  I wish I could fully express what I experienced when I met with Sonia.  It was a powerful experience, when my parents and my brother all came thru.  After my emotional tears subsided, I listened to things that Sonia told me that she couldn't possibly have known.  I left that day with such peace of mind and a happiness inside me that I can't express in words.  My mom, dad and brother know how much I miss them and it wasn't until after my reading that I finally accepted their death, and I know that I will be with them again one day.  It's a peace and comfort I can't explain.  Michele D

Everyone should have a reading with my dear friend and spiritual sister, Sonia Brakowski!  She's the real thing-a medium who sees one's beloved departed spirits, and gets details such as names and personality traits.  In the 40 years that I've been in the business in the metaphysical field as a reader, an astrologer and a spiritual councilor, my path has crossed with many colleagues, and Sonia is by far the most genuine and authentic medium I've ever known.  More than that, her heart is in the right place.  Sonia loves people and only wants to lift their spirits and open their hearts, giving comfort and assurance that the loved one, though physically gone, is still there.  I recommend Sonia's talents and loving kindness with all my heart. - - Judi Thomases, psychic-astrologer and

I was blessed recently to have my first (ever) Tarot Card Reading with The Magnolia Medium. It was a very personal and special experience for me. To be reassured that my dear parents and my devoted husband are happy and prospering beyond the Veil meant everything to me. Not know exactly what to expect, my reading was an incredible opportunity to experience something new that gave me great comfort and peace. Thank you SO much, Sonia!  Susan Y

Dear Sonia. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thanks for sharing your very special gift with me. I'm honored to have been able to have such an experience with you.  Thanks Again! Love, Abbey (Abigail)

Thank you for my reading.  It was one of the BEST readings I have ever had. It was full of positives and lifted my spirits. It was great to hear from family members that had passed and to be able to give them messages in return.  I will be sure to get a reading every time I come down to visit my family.  Beth Iorizzo

I feel you walk beside me.....I know I'll see you again